Mistah Wilson catches up with Paco ‘Poet’ Swartz as they discuss Music, Life in Pasadena, and how Christ became his motivation

Mistah Wilson catches up with Paco ‘Poet’ Swartz as they discuss Music, Life in Pasadena, and how Christ became his motivation

Mistah Wilson: Yo Paco Swartz what’s crackin, mayne! Appreciate you for coming through for this exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock. Go on and bring us up to speed with things…
Paco ‘Poet’ Swartz: What’s good with it brotha? Things are well fam. Just had a baby girl, making money, God has been blessing me. All praise to God.
Mistah Wilson: How was life growing up in Pasadena and how has it impacted you as an artist?
Paco ‘Poet’ Swartz: Pasadena is all I know. I got my hustle from Dena, my game from Dena, my style from. I even got my wife from Dena. Lol. As an artist, Dena has given me a vivid story to tell. Ranging from the streets to the love of the town. In my music you can feel the honesty that comes out of Dena.
Mistah Wilson: One of the things we admire about you is that you are a great PRODUCER & RAPPER which is quite seldom considering the talent level. How did you get into making beats?
Paco ‘Poet’ Swartz: Thank you. Honestly I feel in love with the art at a young age. I grew up listening to Dr. Dre, Pete Rock, Q Tip, J Dilla, DJ Quik, RZA, DJ Premier, Large Professor man the list goes on. I would find myself creating rhythms via beat boxing for cyphers we would have during lunch at school. At that point copin a key board and the MPC was only destined. The rest is history.
Mistah Wilson: Your delivery & word play are amongst the best we’ve heard. How long have you been rapping?
Paco ‘Poet’ Swartz: I’ve been rhyming since 93. I grew up in Hip Hop & Music. Spitting rhymes was a must know how where I grew up. It was one of my best friends Rasheam Graves aka Da Grinch who tutored & mentored me early on when I began rhyming. He is crazy with the craft yo.
Mistah Wilson: Which one would you say is your first love?
Paco ‘Poet’ Swartz: Beats hands down. Producing is my heart man. Taking a thought & creating it into a sound of soulful rhythms a melodic melodies give me a high I’m addicted to.
Mistah Wilson: You’re no stranger in the City of Roses. In 2007, you released your debut album ROSE ON EM which you predominantly produced yourself. What message were you trying to send with that album?
Paco ‘Poet’ Swartz: Right before I recorded Rose On’em I had someone who broke into my studio & stole almost everything I had. I was truly hurt by this man. So that anger turned into my fuel to become the best at what I do. I had that “No one can stop me mentality”. So the message was you can try to keep me down but no matter what happened I Rose On’em.
Mistah Wilson: Other than countless features and unreleased material, video cameos, guest appearances, and musical performances when will we see another album?
Paco ‘Poet’ Swartz: I am currently in the studio recording my next record entitled “Cross Roads” which will be released through SEP spring of 2013.
Mistah Wilson: What’s good wit’ Da League? Ya’ll still working together these days?
Paco ‘Poet’ Swartz: Da League is a family. & just like a family life may cause you to focus on priorities such as family, finances, & business. We still are connected. Each League member has something going on. We are branded forever. Anything I do Da League is involved. Every year we throw a memorial BBQ for our fallen League member Ronald “Battman” Green. Boy do I miss my boy…
Mistah Wilson: What is your sole motivation for being the artist that you are?
Paco ‘Poet’ Swartz: God bro. He gave me a voice, a talent, & a platform to glorify him & his message to those I can reach.
Mistah Wilson: So, it’s no secret that you just had a baby girl not too long ago. Congratulations, Paco that’s a real blessing. Do you look at your newborn daughter as a milestone in your life?
Paco ‘Poet’ Swartz: I think of her as a blessing and a privilege. God chose me to be this little girl’s father. That is a responsibility I am grateful for. I know that I have to be the best version of Me in order for her to succeed in life. My wife and I are committed to giving our children everything they need to be successful. God is our family’s foundation.
Mistah Wilson: How is Mrs. Swartz dealing with all of this? Will she be taking a break from music?
Paco ‘Poet’ Swartz: Faith is doing great! She is so in love with our new chunk of lovin’. She is a devoted wife and mother. However, she is eager to get back into the studio and on film to complete some of the goals she set out. She is very supportive of my career as I am of hers. I catch her rhyming a lot while she moves about the house. Lol.
Mistah Wilson: Outside of Da League, name some local artists that you’ve worked with?
Paco ‘Poet’ Swartz: We’ve just completed the debut album of Ethan Avery entitled “Love Triangle” which is a Hot Record. I have the By Product project that we are currently recording. S Claz’s new project was released this summer The Clazic 2 which I worked on. I produced a few track on Zook’s new album On The Record. I produced the majority of the tracks on NOY’s record “Thru The Eyes of Phanon. I have been in the studio with Raymond Lowe an engineer friend of mine working on some new music for my album. My boy Kampaign and I are working on his record. I have a new artist I am working with named Renaissance who has a smash in the works. I get down with the heavy hitters from Zone, both Mic Towns from Dena (Yes there are 2 Lol), Philthy Phactor, The Hundred, Ace Gun, DNA, Fathermayeye, V8, Da Grinch, XL Middleton, Nico Coli, Moniquea, Dre Harv, Black UPS, Bunz, Reborn, Nikolo man the list goes on.
Mistah Wilson: Who in the whole wide world would you like to work with?
Paco ‘Poet’ Swartz: Probably The Roots. I love their vibe. I want them to produce my next album.
Mistah Wilson: We hear you’re signed to an independent record label. Who are you currently signed to?
Paco ‘Poet’ Swartz: SEP A Resource Company under the management of Jonathan DeCuir and Kyle Davis.
Mistah Wilson: As this topic of discussion may re-surface in the city, who are your TOP 5 DIVERSE DENA ARTISTS?
Paco ‘Poet’ Swartz: Other than myself, I’d say Ethan Avery, Yancy Deron, Jasmine Colbert, Renaissance, Major James.
Mistah Wilson: Describe your idea of a well-rounded artist for us…
Paco ‘Poet’ Swartz: Someone who writes their own music, has an authentic sound, articulates a strong up lifting message in their music, production has to be on point. I do not listen to packaged artist. 99% of radio is GARBAGE.
Mistah Wilson: How do you feel about Hip Hop these days? Do you really feel like its dying?
Paco ‘Poet’ Swartz: Yes it is. This ratchet movement is horrible. Rap music now is fuel by corporate agenda’s. These rappers have NO BARS worth listening to.
Mistah Wilson: Who are some of your musical influences?
Paco ‘Poet’ Swartz: The original Detroit sound. My dad was from the D and I grew up on Motown music. This would explain why I tend to be attracted musically to producers and artist that have a soulful sound to the work. And James Broadway who taught me how to produce. He is a true Dena legend.
Mistah Wilson: Do you have any encouraging words for young aspiring artists out there?
Paco ‘Poet’ Swartz: Yeah, stay true to who you are. Don’t let the common trends of the times define your music. If you create from your heart you will impact people way more. And please have a message in your music. All this “I pop pills, and make it rain cause I wanna be a baller” type of music is lame yo. Aspire to influence change in a positive way like the founders of Hip Hop music.
Mistah Wilson: Thanx for taking tha time for this exclusive interview, Paco. It’s been an honor. Got any shout outs? Let’s hear em!
Paco ‘Poet’ Swartz: Yeah Shout Out to Jesus Christ for dying for my sins. Without you I couldn’t be. Everything I do is because of you so I give you all the praise.

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