Stevie J Questions the Motives of Record Company Executives

Before Steven “Stevie J” Jordan became a reality TV show star, he was best known as a music producer

with Bad Boy Entertainment. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member worked with several artists associated with the label, including Biggie. Stevie J was behind the boards for classic The Notorious B.I.G. song such as “Mo Money Mo Problems” and “Notorious Thugs” off the Life After Death album.

So it is no surprise Stevie has an opinion about Atlanta’s Lil Yatchy referring to the Hip Hop legend as “overrated.”

“Life After Death alone should get the respect of any of these young dudes,” said Stevie J. “But these young dudes don’t know sh-t… Google motherf-cker! You ever heard of Google? Google n-gga!”

The 43-year-old television personality added, “Overrated? His hair color is overrated. Sell some records. Pay homage to the cats that made it possible for you to be here. And if they were here, you wouldn’t even be here.”

Stevie J did not end his criticism with just Yachty. He also questioned the motives of record company executives. “All of these execs were like, ‘We need somebody to sound just like that. Get one of them dudes like that, one of them mush mouth dudes. That’s the wave,’” offered Stevie. “But that’s not the wave. Are we progressing or regressing or digressing? I can’t understand why the executive wants something like that. Are we growing?”

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