How Cities Are Transforming Street Photography

Nick Turpin has been around the block, quite literally. He’s been a practicing street photographer for nearly 30 years. But times have changed—so much so that Turpin now prefers the term “candid public photography” to differentiate his art from the increasingly ambiguous genre of street photography. Turpin estimates that there are at least a thousand photographers roaming the city’s streets today, compared to the four or five photographers capturing London’s urban life when he started—all of whom he knew. Today, many use smartphone cameras they can fit in their pockets; some young people may never own an old school point-and-shoot. … Continue reading How Cities Are Transforming Street Photography

Blair/PCC Graduate John Singleton sets standard in Urban Filmmaking

Article by Mistah Wilson Born during the peak of the civil rights era, Film Director John Singleton has served as a prime example for making it out the hood, while not forgetting about the hood. Singleton had a vision for cinematography and pursued it. Having attended Blair High School (Class of 86′) in Pasadena as well as taking classes as Pasadena City College, the Boyz N the Hood director was on a path to greatness. He got his start interning on the Arsenio Hall show in 1991. Meanwhile, he was writing the script for Boyz n the Hood, a movie … Continue reading Blair/PCC Graduate John Singleton sets standard in Urban Filmmaking

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue45

Click to Download ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue45 covers Seattle rapper Scribes One is an exclusive interview about his hometown and music career. PLUS: Khriz-Z + windchILL + #BringingItTogether October 2016 Photo Shoot results + Beginner’s Guide to Buying Camera Equipment + National Geographic’s 2016 Wildlife Photographer of the Year announced + Phife Dawg + John Leguizamo + Archie Green + Prince Ea + DMX + Papoose + DJ Quik + Eminem + Murs + so much much more… // Continue reading ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue45