Cold 187um, Ice Cube, & The D.O.C. drop "Legacy" (Audio)

In 1989, Ruthless Records boasted one of the finest rosters in Rap music history. With N.W.A.’s Straight Outta Compton in heavy rotation (with a massive tour behind it), Eazy-E’s independent label was fast expanding to include The D.O.C., Above The Law, and J.J. Fad. By 1990, everything had changed. Ice Cube had angrily left his group and label, as N.W.A. appeared fractured in the aftermath. Meanwhile, The D.O.C. was critically wounded in a near-fatal car accident that almost destroyed his ability to speak, let alone rhyme. As Cube was at odds with his former band-mates, he would famously get into … Continue reading Cold 187um, Ice Cube, & The D.O.C. drop "Legacy" (Audio)

Rey Avalon talks California Blend, Music Production, & What Led Him to Become an Artist

Oxnard, California rapper Rey Avalon, formerly known as Cali Allstarr,  links up with ThaWilsonBlock to talk music production and local music scenes in tha 805 and 661  Download This Interview Mistah Wilson: Yo, Rey Avalon! What’s good wit it, fam! Honored to have you here with us for this exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock. What’s tha latest & greatest? Rey Avalon: First, thanks for this article. I’m a Hip Hop lover, but music lover first. You can hear all the different sounds I incorporate in my music. I’m originally from Lancaster, CA. Now I reside in Oxnard, CA, The home of agriculture, … Continue reading Rey Avalon talks California Blend, Music Production, & What Led Him to Become an Artist

Buy "1992" album by The Game

As Game rediscovered his inner fire throughout 2016, he used personal memories of 1992 to create this cinematic autobiography. In part, the album is a love letter to his formative years, and it’s a treat to hear the rapper joyride vintage West Coast beats on “True Colors / It’s On,” “Bompton,” and “F**k Orange Juice.” While the story deepens with the anguish and regret of “Young N**as,” “92 Bars” reminds hip-hop fans of a diss track’s brutal purpose: decapitation via verses. Continue reading Buy "1992" album by The Game